What is Dry Cupping?

Hello! It’s fantastic you’re considering Dry Cupping as part of your sports recovery regime or to address inflammation. Dry Cupping is an ancient therapy that has been modernized to suit athletes and individuals seeking relief from physical stress and inflammatory conditions. By creating suction on specific areas of the body, this treatment enhances circulation, relieves muscle tension, and promotes the body’s natural healing process. Ideal for those looking to optimize recovery times and improve overall physical health in a natural, non-invasive manner.


What to expect

Once a Week
Best Results
1 - 3 Sessions
Down Time

What to Expect

Embarking on Dry Cupping therapy for sports recovery and inflammation includes:
1.Initial Assessment: We start with a discussion about your physical condition, areas of concern, activity level, and recovery goals to tailor the therapy effectively.
2.Personalized Treatment Plan: Based on your needs, we’ll map out a specific treatment strategy. This might include targeting areas that are particularly prone to injury or tension due to your sport or activity.
3.Dry Cupping Session: During the session, cups will be placed on the targeted areas and left for a set period to create suction. You might feel a tight sensation, but the process is generally not painful.
4.Post-Treatment Guidance: After the session, we’ll provide advice on activities, hydration, and any signs to watch for as your body responds to the treatment.

What You'll Enjoy


After Your Cupping sessions


Maintaining Your Results

To sustain the benefits of Dry Cupping:
•Incorporate regular sessions into your recovery or wellness routine, especially after intense periods of training or when experiencing flare-ups of chronic conditions.
•Continue following a balanced diet and hydration plan to support your body’s healing and performance capabilities.
•Engage in gentle movement or stretching exercises to enhance circulation and flexibility between sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I get Dry Cupping?
The frequency can vary based on your recovery needs and goals. Some athletes find weekly sessions beneficial during intensive training, while others may benefit from bi-weekly or monthly sessions.
Will there be marks?
It’s common to have circular marks on the skin post-treatment, but these are usually painless and fade within a few days.
Is Dry Cupping painful?
Most people find the sensation unusual but not painful. The level of suction can be adjusted for your comfort.
Can Dry Cupping be combined with other therapies?
Absolutely! Dry Cupping can complement other treatments like massage therapy, physiotherapy, and acupuncture for holistic recovery and health.

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